Advice about fixing someone else laminate floor laying?

Discussion in 'Wood' started by ColinK, Jun 2, 2022.

  1. ColinK

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    First the easy bit.

    I did not fit this but I need to do my best to fix it. I am not a joiner or flooring expert but can follow instructions.

    3 Queries - last one the most important one

    The first image shows laminate flooring where it will meet bathroom tiles. Is there a particular description of slim door tread I should be looking for that will fit over the non moving tiles floor and the laminate floor, which has some spring to it due to underlay? Presumably this will screw into the concrete floor.
    Second image shows where ends of laminate boards meet the door.
    Once again is there a specific type of tread / edging I should be looking for that will screw into the concrete.
    The bigger question.
    The flooring at the bathroom springs up and down very little - maybe 1mm - no issue.

    The ends of the boards in the second image spring up and down by about 3mm when stood on.

    It is not practical to remove the flooring.

    Is there a suitable spray foam or silicone that I could pump in below the ends of the laminate boards before fitting a trim?

    I am assuming standard expanding would be the easiest to get under the boards, but maybe someone has a better suggestion.

    Thanks Colin K flor-tread-1.png flor-tread-2.png
  2. HC&F

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    I’d recommend a clip top for first image and a sticky reducing bar for second. Don’t particularly look great but the job looks a mess anyway. Regarding the springing. Couldn’t really comment without seeing but would think it would need to come up and rectified that way​

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