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Discussion in 'Vinyl / Impervious floor coverings' started by Gary Hui, Apr 12, 2022.

  1. Gary Hui

    Gary Hui New Member

    Hi all,

    Want to purchase good quality LVT for my house. Visited many stores and have some queries.

    - Glue down or Click which is better? And for what reason
    - Looking at Kardene & Quickstep. Which is better
    - Is thick of the wear layer matter
    - Where can we buy LVT at a reasonable cost
    - How can I find a good fitter
    - Is it rare to have stair with carpet while all house is in LVT?

    New comer to UK and really puzzle for the flooring. Thanks in advance!
  2. d'Arcy

    d'Arcy Well-Known Member

    Glue down will see a preference on here, as I'm sure we've all been bitten by click. Though in certain situations it does have it's uses - but usually only if the entire floor is supremely flat and you have no windows and the day of the week starts with a Q...

    I prefer Karndean and Victoria over most other products - but that's just as a salesman.

    Wear layers do help. I usually attempt to get people on .55 wear layer and above.

    Best bet is to go to a local independent, get them to quote on supply and fit. There are a lot of issues with provenance of products at the moment, so making sure everything is legit and all from one place makes the process a little more streamlined and covered when it comes to guarantees etc.

    We do a lot of jobs where the stairs and landing are in carpet and everything else is in LVT.
  3. Paul webb

    Paul webb Well-Known Member

    Most people with hard flooring on the flat areas, have carpet on the stairs, but you could put lvt on the stairs or even a combination of lvt and carpet. I wouldn't be too concerned about the thickness of the wear layer, as long as the floor is smooth, with no high spots, you're unlikely to wear any of them out in a domestic property
  4. Gary Hui

    Gary Hui New Member

    Thanks you for all your advice!!!

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