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Discussion in 'Subfloor Preparation' started by Faithfull, Sep 11, 2023.

  1. Faithfull

    Faithfull New Member

    Evening everybody.

    I'm looking to lay the flooring in our downstairs lounge and kitchen (open plan) with the help of my father in law.

    We have solid oak herringbone (18mm thick). The flooring was carpet over standard 18mm to gue and groove floorboards.

    We would prefer to glue the wood flooring down using adhesive but understand we need to overboard with Ply first. I've read quite a bit lately about you must use SP101 or FG1 ply. If this isn't available what is another alternative? Ideally needs to be no more than 6mm otherwise it may cause an issue with the height being higher than the fireplace hearth.

    Is there any other prep I would need to do to the ply once it's fixed down before laying the oak flooring?

    Appreciate any recommendations.
  2. tarkett85

    tarkett85 Well-Known Member

    You can get sp101 online you’ll be fine, make sure to moisture test the floorboards and ply before putting them down, same again with the oak last thing you want is moisture issues they’re not easily rectified afterwards, you may need to acclimatise both for a week or two prior, you’ll want to install it at 16-24o C and have an ambient humidity level between 35-55% then maintain that to prevent issues.

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  3. Faithfull

    Faithfull New Member

    I'm not sure if I'm looking in the right places but I'm struggling to source SP101 or FG1. What I have read some where on this forum what is a good substitute is Malaysian ply ( see pics below) and I've also found a brand called Ultipro which is apparently flooring grade.

    Do either of these look like a suitable alternative?
  4. Faithfull

    Faithfull New Member

    Pics now added PXL_20230912_123310497.jpg Screenshot_20230912-135415.jpg

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  5. Ryanf4888

    Ryanf4888 Well-Known Member

    A quick google of sp101 plywood and several links comes up?
  6. Benjabloodymino

    Benjabloodymino Well-Known Member

    Probably means I googled it but didn't like the price. I say probably but mean definitely.

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