Amt. Spacia & Signature Mix?

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  1. tombo_83

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    Hi, does anyone know if you can mix Amtico spacia colours with signature colours? Planks side my side in the same room? I understand the wear layer is 1mm with the signature and 0.55mm with the spacia, but the overall thickness of the planks are 2.5mm regardless.

    We’ve found some colours that we really like in the signature range but can’t justify the £75 m2 price as we’re looking at 200m2 per house. We can closely match 2 of the 3 colours in the spacia range, but can’t match one of the colours and could potentially mix 2 colours from spacia with one colour from Signature which seems completely unique in a large parquet laying pattern.

    I asked the question recently when we viewed some and the answer was that it isn’t advised, but no particular reason why.

    Are the wear layers potentially different shines perhaps?

    I’ve attached a photo of what we’re trying to recreate.

    Never laid any Amtico, just done a few rooms of Karndean in the past so know very little about Amtico.



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  2. merit

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    I dont think anyone would advise that. Be interesting to see how it works lol.
  3. Benjabloodymino

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    They will fit together as they're all the same thickness. We have signature running into Spacia on our showroom floor. Main thing to watch out for in Spacia/Signature would be the embossed finish. I would recommend getting Amtico to send physical samples so you can see if the finish is similar. Some of the Spacia you can choose between Tick/Barnwood which have a different finish but not all.

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