Best underlay for warmth on red tiled floor

Discussion in 'FAQ Section For Consumers' started by Sue, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. Sue

    Sue New Member

    Hi everyone, looking for advice on what the best unlay would be for use on a concrete subfloor that still has the original red tiles.... I've got balterio laminate that is getting fitted and the guy fitting usually uses timbermate underlay that's 3.6mm.

    My worry is that its not going to be that good warmth wise although I do realise laminate will never be totally warm underfoot.

    I've seen one called cushion acoustic gold and also timbertech 2 and sonic gold or royal gold and wondered if anyone has any experience with these to be able to compare or even if you have others you'd recommend or can confirm that timbermate would be a good choice.

    Sorry a lot of questions but hope I can get some help in this minefield.... Thanks in advance Sue

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