Bona sealer + finish issue

Discussion in 'Wood' started by Dale Harney, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. Dale Harney

    Dale Harney New Member

    Hello- Question for you guys , I really appreciate any help.

    I just finished my oak floors with Bona NaturalSeal and Bona MegaOne. Something that is bugging me is that the finish on the edges/corners is much darker than everywhere else. Pretty sure its because I did a crappy job - I thought the finish would hide but it seems to amplify my mistakes.

    My question is, Can I go through and re-sand 4inches from the wall everywhere, reseal, then topcoat just those areas. OR Do you think I need to re-sand everything? My concern would be the blend.
  2. Gavin Fernandes

    Gavin Fernandes Member

    I think you already know your answer.

    The latter.

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