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  1. Any one done one of these from scs any feedback would be great?
  2. dazlight

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  3. Yeah what does the day consist off thanks
  4. dazlight

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    I don’t know mate.
    What have they asked you to do?
  5. Jasper

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    If i'm correct in thinking you have a new company Fitting manager , and it's the same man who quit Carpetright (probably before he was pushed)
    If so it would be along the same lines as the CR assessment , somebody looks at a few jobs you have completed , if you fail you pay for retraining
    you will probably have a meeting before the assessments to let you know what's required of you , you then go and do these jobs to your best ability ,
    Pass the assessment , then continue to fit for them in the usual manner , just getting the stuff down on the floor , weather the flooring and accessories are fit for purpose or not !!

    don't mean to sound so negative about these big companies and their so called Fitting Managers , but iv worked with them for to long :)
  6. Paul webb

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    In theory ,it's not a bad idea if done right, would help get rid or improve all these so called fitters that claim to be able to fit ,but after a lot of expensive replacements, damage to shops reputation and taking a job a decent fitter could have had, because it turns out they had no idea how to do the job .But like you say, the shops have to do their part too ,by providing the right materials and the right pay to do the job

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