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Discussion in 'Carpet / Textile' started by ammo, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. ammo

    ammo New Member

    Im not sure if you can help me. I have purchased a new carpet from my local shop.
    My problem is that the shop told me i could roll it out and then cut the edges in. I have cut the edges in put now the carpet has some ridges in the middle. I have put some books on them and they have moved down the room a little. Also i made a mistake with the cut and was wondering how i can stick some more carpet on the side? My mother (elderly) is giving me a hard time about this.

    How do i get rid of these ridges in the carpet? Thanx in advance.
  2. admin1

    admin1 Well-Known Member

    umm.. its not that simple mate! Have you got underlay and gripper down or you laying direct on the subfloor?

    Also what type of carpet do you have? Is it felt backed or a jute/hessan etc backed carpet?

    TUCKER Member

    need some more info mate as said above :)
  4. ammo

    ammo New Member

    its got felt back i think. Fluffy back?

    I have gripper also but i took the underlay up as the shop said its built in.

    My mate said i can hire a knee kicker from hss hire? will this fix it?
  5. Matt

    Matt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    sounds like felt backed carpet. It can be installed with or without gripper. If reusing your carpet gripper then you need underlay also.

    Or you could uplift your gripper and fit the carpet down direct to the floor. In your case i would say this might be the best method.

    Yes you can hire a knee kicker to stretch the carpet into place but it a long winded method to do this. IS there no carpet ftter local you could hire for an hour or so? Should cost you no more than £45 quid for a proper install providing he can work with what you have.

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