carpeting over a wet underfloor heating system

Discussion in 'General Flooring Chat' started by david wellard, Feb 15, 2024.

  1. david wellard

    david wellard New Member

    im renovating a property which will have a total wet under floor heating system installed. Upstairs bedrooms are all new joists which we want to carpet rather than use engineered flooring which will suit the remainder of the property. i wanted to insulate and then lay the pipes between and inside the joists and then cover with a dry screed. now heres my question, rather than lay an engineered wood then carpet over it. (which is the expensive option ) is there another cheaper type of floor covering i can lay down, then carpet over it? take for example chipboard or ply ? i have the same dilemma for the bathroom i want to lay vinyl but over the top of what ? i want to lay the pipes in the joists rather than overboard with expensive overlay systems which i dont really need as i have full access now to all of the joisted flooring?
  2. merit

    merit Well-Known Member

    Standard would be to install a chipboard or particle board over the top.
  3. Distinctive Adam

    Distinctive Adam Well-Known Member

    You can buy chipboard with pre grooved channels for pipes, ply then underlay and carpet. have them

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