Cement liquid screed skin

Discussion in 'Site Problems' started by James Wright, Nov 8, 2023.

  1. James Wright

    James Wright New Member

    Has anyone come across a cement liquid screed with a hard skin on top? The customer and the people who laid the floor are adamant it’s not anhydrite screed but when I’ve tested a small amount of primer on it you can just rub it off as it doesn’t key to it.
  2. crazydaze

    crazydaze Well-Known Member

    Ask for the exact product and run that past technical at F-Ball/Ardex/Uzin etc.

    We have had a couple of very shiney screeds that raised our suspicions which turned out fine to grit primer and screed over, but we now ask for product details on EVERY builder laid screed. 3 Jobs this year heavily delayed due to builders specifying Anhydrite and not grinding within a couple of weeks then claiming it's 'just a fast drying screed mate'
  3. mjfl

    mjfl Well-Known Member

    Give me a text on 07786867074 and I'll send you something over to show them

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