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    Hi all, looking for advice.
    I want to lay a laminate floor in the living room. This is the first time I'll be doing this. I've layed other floors but nothing too challenging or expensive and I was younger and more reckless about it. This time I really want to get it right and am putting a lot of care and more money into it.

    It's ground floor level and a concrete floor with a black tile type layer. Apart from one patch where a fireplace used to be which is just concrete.

    I removed an electric fireplace that was honestly the ugliest and under the surround I found there were a few inches of concrete on the floor that were above the level of the rest of the floor and an inactive gas pipe.

    I removed most of the concrete and the gas pipe has been removed now. That square of floor is a mess though. I'm struggling to remove the last of the concrete lumps that are left now and there's a crumbling hole where the gas pipe was.

    Any advice on the easiest way to deal with this before I lay the laminate. I'm also wondering how level/smooth do I need to get this. Is underlay a must, if so what kind.

    Many thanks
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    Can you post some pictures up to help with advice ?

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