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  1. Simon Ashley

    Simon Ashley New Member

    Hello all, looking for some advice, situation in brief as follows:
    A rad leak meant an insurance job to dry floor in kitchen conservatory (30sqm). 5sqm porcelain tiles ripped up for drying.
    15 months later insurance is ready to pay: rip up tiles, self level, re-tile, re-fix kitchen units.
    But not enough to do a decent job, so I’m looking for costs to cut.
    Wife is happy with some suitable laminate which I could lay, on top of an underlay on top of the tiles.
    However, there remains the problem of the patch of floor with no tiles and I’m unsure how to level it.
    As can be seen on picture, there is concrete beneath, so my thought is for a cheap solution, a simple sand, cement mix at 4:1, mixed quite dry.
    So my questions are:
    1. Is it ok to put laminate on top of tiles and what should I look out for.
    2. Is a 4:1 screed mix ok for the job and do I need to add any other chemicals eg pva or is there a better solution? The max depth will be 15mm.
    Thanks in advance
    Simon 8631A9F2-B0DD-4A72-9C7C-914CA0EFDE5A.jpeg
  2. merit

    merit Well-Known Member

    Fill that in with a levelling compound
  3. Rugmunching

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  4. mjfl

    mjfl Well-Known Member

    Firstly grind that lot all off, take a moisture ready see what RH it is , then go from there.

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