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Discussion in 'Subfloor Preparation' started by A-S-T, Feb 27, 2024.

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    Afternoon All,

    Long story short, I have laid an LVT herringbone laminate in my hallway with a view to go into my utility room. The job has been such a b*****d I'm going to tile the utility room. Currently I have prepared the utility to have the same flooring, in preparation, it has a concrete foundation with 9mm ply screwed down to account for the flooring differences.

    The room will contain a washer, dryer and full size sink and be generally used as a mess room. Not subject to a vast amount of footfall or high amounts of surface water. I plan on putting down 18 (give or take) 600x300 tiles in the room. Luckily It's a small space 3100x1570.

    My key question here is what preparations do I need to carry out to tile over plywood in this scenario. I've read that plywood will be liable to moving, knowing I'm putting a washing machine in there I'm trying to avoid inevitable cracks / constant repairs.

    Any and all advice welcomed, total tiling novice on somewhat of a budget stuck half way through the project.
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    I think you would be better off asking topps tiles or CDT. They will give you a system, subfloor prep, adhesive, grout ect
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    10mm fibre reinforced screed, Schluter Ditra matting and flexible adhesive and grout, the ply should really be concrete board for tile.

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