DPM/Building Regs At fault

Discussion in 'Site Problems' started by ArchLong, Oct 27, 2023.

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    The property has had Eccentric footings/foundations which on inspection was noted by building regs that a DPM would have to be installed ontop of the slab, & under the Insulation (Celotex) & screed. This information appears not to have reached the project manager. In turn the insulation, screed & underfloor heating as gone down & within a few weeks water has appeared bleed into the screed. Thankfully the tiles have not been laid. There have been numerous visits from Building regs & the Damp proofing had been signed off despite there being no DPM. There was no mention of damp proofing from B/Regs on any site vists. We are now looking at taking the entire floor up to have it corrected. I suppose the question is: Who is at fault here? . Is there any compensation from the council or Project manager indemnity insurance?

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