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Discussion in 'Wood' started by Rugmunching, Oct 29, 2023.

  1. Rugmunching

    Rugmunching Well-Known Member

    Chaps, I have a customer who is adamant in having 30m2 of engineered parquet laid throughout her hallway and kitchen diner. I've tried to sway her to having atleast a T&G glued install but she wants to be able to take the flooring up in 5-10yrs time when she leaves her property so question is does any of you have a recommendation for a decent manufacturer of a click version?
    A fitter has mentioned to me about a 'click lok' on flooring365 site but this will be the first time I've ever fitted a click parquet!
  2. merit

    merit Well-Known Member

    Quickstep make one that looks good. Not fitted it myself as it’s hard to source samples but they’ve got the only clic system I would trust

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