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FAQ = Do i need plywood / hardboard ?

Discussion in 'FAQ Section For Consumers' started by Matt, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Q = My installer has advised me i need plywood / hardboard over my wooden subfloor before they will install my new floor, why?

    A = All floorcoverings need a smooth surface to be installed over. Most Textile floorcoverings are fine to just go straight over your existing subfloor providing its smooth. However, floorcoverings such as Vinyl , LVT , Lino etc need a very good base. Even very small imperfections will 'shadow' through the floorcovering, I.E- the joints between your floorboards. In the case of the floorcoverings been glued down even a smooth subfloor such as Chipboard will still need to have a product like Plywood installed first. This i due to the waxes used in chipboard can cause issues with the bonding of the floorcovering along with contaminates on the subfloors (such as paint and old adhesive) that can discolor your new floorcovering

    Q = Which overlay should i use? Plywood or Hardboard ?

    A = Plywood is the most stable of the two products. It is also suitable to be glued to. Hardboard is a 'cheaper' alternative to plywood and will not preform as well. you can not bond to hardboard either.

    Disclaimer - All information stated above is for guidance only. Manufactures instructions / British Standards should be followed at all times.
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