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FAQ= Wet / Damp subfloor, How long until its dry?

Discussion in 'FAQ Section For Consumers' started by Matt, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Q= My installer tells me my new concrete subfloor is Wet even tho it was laid a while ago?

    A= Yes your installer is probably correct. There is a big misunderstanding that concrete is dry as soon as you can walk on it. This is far from the truth.

    Concrete on 'average' needs around 1 day per mm thick to dry or in old terms it needs around 1 month for every inch thick to dry. This is a guide only, some concretes will need a lot longer than this to dry and also the thicker the concrete will also make a difference to drying times

    To British Standards all subfloors need to read below 75% RH before a floorcovering can be installed. (For wooden floors it MUST be a lot lower) . So a installer may decide to speed up the installation process for the consumer by installing a surface DPM. The surface DPM can normally be installed after 4 weeks but again moister readings need to be taken to show the subfloor is reading below the manufactures recommendations for the DPM / Moister Control System being used.

    Disclaimer - All information stated above is for guidance only. Manufactures instructions / British Standards should be followed at all times.
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