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Discussion in 'Job Centre' started by Alexander Pryde, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Alexander Pryde

    Alexander Pryde New Member

    2 fitters available to work anywhere across the south,
    over 15 years experience
    can fit carpet, vinyl, cap and cove, LVT's and all the prep work that comes with.
    have a decent size van and all our own tools, neat and tidy with a sharp eye for detail.
    we are fit and extremely hard working we dont mind working any hours as long as digs are covered (if necessary) and we don't get messed about or have our time wasted.
    feel free to call, text or email on:
    a. pryde @live. co. uk
  2. Stephen Baker

    Stephen Baker New Member

    Hi Alexander, are you still looking for work, have a site in Erith ongoing until October. Let me know. Carpets and vinyl.

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