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Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Matt, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Matt

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    Had a really bad day today.

    On way to work this morning and then was a loud bang and then loads of clonks from the van! Pulled over and i had lost drive. Looked under van and prop shaft etc is where it should be. So i tried all the gears. You can let the clutch out in all gears and no drive apart from 4th where there is loads of banging going on. I figure gearbox has gone :(

    Anyway AA came to recover vehicle. We tried it again and the prop is spinning so looks like the rear diff has exploded but 4th gear also makes a noise so looks at the moment that the read diff broke and took the gearbox with it when it jammed!

    So next up i get a call from our other fitter to tell me he has banged a radiator pipe and now water is spraying out!

    I get there and was epexting to tighten the joint on the rad but no joy! water everywhere. Get a plummer in and it turns out that the joint was dodgy and poorly put together by the previous plumer (so was waiting to happen) Took them ages to fix as they had to drain the whole system to fix it and then refill the system to check for leeks and then redrain to add the inhibbitor stuff to the system.

    Finally start work at about 3.30. Got to go back tommorrow to finish off.
  2. tedmaced

    tedmaced Well-Known Member

    and dont tell me... the samaritans were engaged

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