Hairline separation of relatively freshly laid parquet floor

Discussion in 'Wood' started by Notnefmail, Feb 12, 2021.

  1. Notnefmail

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    In the summer I laid my (first ever) parquet wood floor. Herringbone resign and glued with bostik lay bond for hw floors - one block at a time.

    I should note that because of the adhesive used, I wasn’t able to glue the T&G joints, nor did I nail the blocks together (with a good reason for choosing this approach).

    I’m now finding that some of the blocks have started to (very marginally) separate in places (less than 1mm gaps) - I suspect driven by the change in temperature.

    I was looking for guidance on two fronts.

    1) should I be very worried that these small gaps have started to appear (and could worsen) or will this likely settle once warmer conditions arrive?
    2) if not, would using OSMO hardwood floor cleaning potentially worsen the problem (I.e. if the liquid seeped through into these small gaps?)
  2. Paul webb

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    I wouldn't worry about the gaps, once the warm weather comes and the humidity rises,they should close up again, it's just a characteristic of wood, as for cleaning, as long as you're not over wetting the floor, it should be fine, I'm assuming it's an oil or hardwax oil finish
  3. merit

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    Yep as said already don’t worry about it. They will close up in the summer. You won’t stop it moving unless you have complete climate control and temperature controlled floors

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