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    Hello all, I am after some advice. We had LVT laid downstairs in kitchen/ diner and living room. We have just had a warm roof put onto the conservatory and removed the patio doors that seperated the house and conservatory. We want to get the floor continued into the conservatory but the problem is the slab in the conservatory is approximately 32mm lower than the finished lvt in the house. I've spoken to the guys who done the original job and they said they could build it up but the price is quite a lot more than I anticipated. I understand that it's time consuming etc, and cost of materials. I've been looking online at celotex 25mm insulation boards. Could this be an option. I'd be keener to use insulation board just for the thermal efficiency aspect. Are there any 25mm approximately boards out there that can take a screed and then the stick down LVT
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    Selecta make 22mm t and g screed boards

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