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  1. Flooring Jobs UK

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    Thanks for letting me join the group.
    I run a couple of Recruitment businesses and a Job Board pointed directly at the UK Flooring Industry called My Flooring Jobs UK.
    We started off running jobs for Store Managers, Project Managers etc but are now getting a fair few Fitting Roles.
    One such is a fairly large Insurance Company who are recruiting for Fitting Centres in several locations across the UK:

    Fitting Centres to be set up in the following areas:
    • South Wales
    • Birmingham
    • West Scotland
    • Shropshire (SY TF postcodes)
    • London / North and Home Counties
    • South Kent (Canterbury / Dover)

    And more being added.

    The ad below outlines what they are looking for, Key is that you can give them a set amount of your time and are able to receive deliveries (not to a home address so premises or lockup / small unit is needed) during business hours.

    The rates are above average and they have plenty of work in the locations above, paid weekly direct from the company.

    Give me a shout on 01299 669999 for details or follow the Link to register your details for immediate consideration.

    Advert here is for the South Wales one, but if you follow the link the ads for the other areas are there too.

    I Can’t share the Link so here is the advert copy.

    Fitting Centre Opportunity - Carpet and Flooring Insurance Specialists.

    The Fitters Desk, part of the same Specialist Recruitment Group as Carpet Roles UK and Kwik Fitters are seeking additional Fitters across the UK to work on both their behalf and directly for clients.

    We are seeking Specialist Carpet and Flooring Installation Teams and Individuals to work on behalf of a leading Insurance Specialists who carry out repairs and replacements to Carpets and Flooring in Customers Homes and Businesses.

    You will be required to cover an area around your designated regional base and this will then involve:

    • Working closely with our Clients Internal Fitting Managers to deal with Installations in Homes and Businesses at pre-arranged dates and times.
    • You will collect Flooring from a Regional Fitting Centre, or in many cases will be required to have a facility that you can receive deliveries in Lorries from our clients Manufacturer or Distributor partners.
    • You will then complete all works as required.
    • Once completed either The Fitters Desk or our clients (depending on who you are sub contracting to) will arrange for prompt weekly payment of your Invoices.
    The Person / Team we are seeking will have the following attributes:

    • Excellent Installation and Preparation Skills for all types of Flooring, Carpets in particular.
    • A Vehicle capable of transporting the products to the Work Site.
    • Ideally you will have a Lock Up or Unit that can receive deliveries.
    • Excellent Customer Service focus and Interpersonal skills.
    • A Can Do Attitude and ability to adapt on the Job as required.
    In Return our clients offer regular volumes of work to suit your diary on either part or full time basis.

    The rates on this one are attractive and as stated above you will get paid weekly and promptly against Invoices. We have a Full menu of Rates paid but Carpet for example is £4/m, we will supply all details and rates on application.

    For Immediate consideration please follow the link to our Website where you can register for Fitting work and tell us all about yourself. At the top of the application please state Insurance Job and Area you want to work.

    For a confidential discussion you can call us on 01299 669999

    The Fitters Desk are a Specialist Supplier of Carpet and Flooring Fitters and Layers to the Trade.

  2. Neilydun

    Neilydun Well-Known Member

    Not being funny here, but are you saying you need

    A unit, manned to receive deliveries
    A van that can take 4&5m carpets to site
    And you need to arrange the work

    For £4 sq. m ??

    When you can take £5 on new build, delivered to site, and loaded out ?
  3. Flooring Jobs UK

    Flooring Jobs UK Member

    Pretty sure thats the case yes.
    Agree on the New Build work if you can get it but thats not available to everyone, your question implies that it is.
    Most New Build work requires people that have done New Build work and know the way that all works we know, we supply most of them and a fiver a metre? For who?
    This is available and regular work, yes its a bit more complicated but for the right set up its a great opportunity for additional days full of work.
  4. Flooring Jobs UK

    Flooring Jobs UK Member

    I’ll add we are just a job board, the employer sets the rates.
  5. Neilydun

    Neilydun Well-Known Member

    Why would it not be available to all ?
    There is nothing complicated about it. Turn up, and fit it
    Most companies pay a fiver a metre Alexis, LA Brown, C&A to name just a few of many.
    Obviously, you don`t set the rates, so this is not personal. I don`t agree that its a good opportunity at all tbh.
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  6. Rugmunching

    Rugmunching Well-Known Member

    This is the kind of outfit I decided to avoid since 2004/05. Had a stressful experience and took on a lot more responsibilities that a fitter shouldn't have to deal with.
    Not saying all is the same but I'd never go down a route like this again ever. Understand some don't have that choice though...
  7. Nick58

    Nick58 Well-Known Member

    Suppose your wanting it hoovered and all rubbish cleared at our cost as well
    All for £4m2 lol

    how much you making out of it a m2?
  8. nevertrever2

    nevertrever2 Well-Known Member

    Firms around our way Yorkshire pay £2.50 - £3m2 for carpet fitting on new builds, you have to load up from their warehouse, hoover, and take waste back to warehouse.

    I were getting that when I first started 20 years ago and we didn't need to hoover or take waste away. House bashing is under paid
  9. nevertrever2

    nevertrever2 Well-Known Member

    Big house builders and middle men should stay out of house building, let the customer source their own flooring, let everyone have a piece of the pie, the guys who I talk to house bashing think they earn good monies, but it's constant late days, up early and thrashing out twice as much work, you get worn out fast doing them.

    It sounds like the guys who posted want you to run the show and take a fitters wage,
    If you havnt got the guys for the work don't take on the work
  10. Flooring Jobs UK

    Flooring Jobs UK Member

    Morning All,
    I will go back to the client, a pretty well known Insurance Specialists and see what they have to say on this, they gave us the impression that the rates were competitive.
    The extra work is minimal in fairness, its literally taking delivery of the goods, all of the rest of it is managed by the company, scheduling and appointments etc.
    I’ll report back.
    I have a fair few Commercial jobs on for a big contractor too that I will post later this morning, some starting mid - late may, some as far off as July so get your diaries out!
  11. Flooring Jobs UK

    Flooring Jobs UK Member

    And to address the point on Housebuilder and middle men... they don’t have the contacts or the time to not use middle men like us.
    They want to place their vacancies and let us share and do the donkey work of finding the best available Fitting staff.
    We usually don’t pop up on forums and facebook groups etc but thought it might be worth a try, I was warned by some of my colleagues that generally on here them there is “a problem for every solution” but hey, I’m a trier!
  12. Paul webb

    Paul webb Well-Known Member

    That wouldn't be independent inspections would it? Who are not what their name suggests
  13. Neilydun

    Neilydun Well-Known Member

    To be f
    To be fair, I was not trying to create a problem at all. I was just pointing out that in my area, £4 sq. m is low, for just installing, let alone having a guy to take deliveries, and a unit to pay for.
    Most big companies I have worked for in the past have a large database of fitters, some good, some bad, but when the shit hits the fan most of them will use anyone to get the job done.

    If someone takes work on through you, who pays them ? You, or the company you hook them up with ?
    Do you hold a retention or pay in full, and how long before you are paid ?

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