Is this screed a good job/ will fitters plan work?

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    I am looking for advice on best way to create level floor for luxury click vinyl flooring with underlay attached.

    It’s going on top of concrete floor which has residual grout, so it needs to be level and also level with the new concrete floor in the extension (which builder did slightly higher so as to join with self levelling) and older concrete utility floor.

    We hired someone to apply a screed/ self levelling and lay the floor. He used Level it MultiPro. The finish is really not what I expected and I asked the fitter why it wasn’t level. He said he some places just need feather coating and he’ll do that on the day of laying floor and then buff it out. Photos attached.

    Is this correct? The video I watched for MultiPro provided a very smooth finish compared to what we have currently.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Grind the lot up, Rh% test, Ardex cl plus to bring level (granite clippings if required to bulk), surface dpm the lot then a 3mm cl plus over all of it

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