Level 2 carpet course at FLOORSKILLS. Perfect

Discussion in 'Flooring Courses' started by Chris.desborough, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Chris.desborough

    Chris.desborough Member

    Firstly like to thank every one at the floorskills centre

    This course for me was perfect
    really couldn't fault it in any way

    ive been on a lot of training courses which have felt like your back at school

    This training enviroment was relaxed, layer back but at the same time professional
    You got a sense like every was a family all there to help and develop

    The instructors (Matthew Bowles)
    was professional and knowledgable but still willing to listen and demomstrating solutions to possible snags

    The Training was set up so the likes of my self (a newbie) are able to disgest and progress
    Through the course but at the same time people with abit more experience don't end up feeling held up

    We had different levels of fitters on this course from people wanting to refresh they knowledge to seasoned professionals
    And I didn't any any point feel I was in over my depth
    And to create that type of enviroment on a training course is rather unique

    All the lads on the course were sound and accepting

    This is a course (or any course at floorskills for that matter)
    I would recommend to novices to professionals
    Every one will take something positive from this course

    Thanks again guys
  2. dannyboy

    dannyboy Well-Known Member

    Couldn't agree more Chris.

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