Looking at having LVT fitted in our house in Gloucester

Discussion in 'Job Centre' started by triggster, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. triggster

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    Looking at having Karndean/Polyflor or similar fitted in kitchen/utility/entrance hall and wc, base is all chipboard so will need to be ply'd as well.
    area is approx 18m2 so will look to go for 20m2 of product, our new kitchen is already installed.

    I have looked at getting the ply done by a friend of mine who has experience of doing this but I don't want to be in a position where maybe it has not been done to required standard.

    Have looked at Karndean van gogh, we really like a version of this after visiting their showroom and also a polyflor item as well which is almost half the price.

    Any help or interested fitters more than welcome to get in touch.

  2. dazlight

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    Leave the ply to the pro. I have laid over ply done by joiners alot and very rare it's done to the high standard it needs to be.
    Also if there is a problem later on the Floorlayer might blame the plywood

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