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Discussion in 'General Flooring Chat' started by HappySlasher, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. HappySlasher

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    Looking for some advice if anyone would be so kind?

    I completed my apprenticeship around 13 years ago where I gained nvq's and experience in floor prep, cap'n'cove, carpet, vinyl and laminate. The majority of my work as an apprentice was domestic but we did the odd hotel / pub / care home etc. The owner of the company eventually closed it due to ill health and I went to work for a few shops in Manchester.

    Things didnt work out after the manager at the shop I worked for decided to do a runner with the stock and the money leaving me out of work. That left a bad taste and I left the industry for a while.

    For the past 5 years Ive been working for a company fitting carpet and vinyl for the lower end of customer, recently I've been made redundant and I dont really know what the next best steps to take would be.

    I don't think I want to carry on domestic as I've had lots of abuse and unsanitary conditions on jobs over the years plus I'd like to do something more creative if I could. I've been looking at resin and lvt courses but my sub floor experience ended with my apprenticeship so Id have to do some kind of refresher first.

    Do you guys think lvt and or resin would be the way to go? Resin wise I'd like to stay contract but I've no idea how that works as I've always been in an employed position. Lvt has always been something I've been interested in so I think I'll train in that either way.

    I've also no idea what to do in terms vat deductions for a van, tools etc so any help on that front would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Paul webb

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    You might be best speaking to the HMRC for advice on going self employed, they should tell you everything you need to know, then get yourself an accountant.
    Lvt is popular, so plenty of work about, i'd say mostly domestic, but it's not cheap so customers should be a bit more sanitary than what you have been doing, if you book yourself in at somewhere like floorskills, that should give you a good start, they will cover subfloor prep, but there are also manufacturer courses you could do on top with places like f.ball
  3. merit

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    That’s a good shout. Well worth doing loads of manufacturers. They are free and will give you a lot of info. Normally need a group to go so you may have to get a few of you together or ask them to keep you in mind when they do something

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    I’ll be setting up a ardex day later in the year but could be 2021 now.
  5. Simon Grimley

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    I’d be up for that if you need another name mate.
  6. dazlight

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    Nice one Simon. Just keep checking on here

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