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  1. Karenjack

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    Good morning,

    You may have seen my other thread asking questions about the prep work we have received pre Karndean install.

    I started this one just to ask if there are any LVT fitters who could assess the work and quote to get us back on track.

    The job is in a new build property approx 110m. We want to achieve the look of Karndean Van Gogh Country Oak but would consider other brands. Most important is a quality, professional finish.

    Current prep work has issues. We are happy to wait for work to be performed early next year. Just need to find the right person to do it?

  2. dazlight

    dazlight Super Moderator

    Have you tried peter Jones flooring
  3. Karenjack

    Karenjack Member

    Yes this was one of the ones who originally quoted, at the time our schedules didn't work.

    Update the retailer sent another installer who seemed much more professional. He said he would have to take out all expanding foam, sand down and re skim all plywood. Downstairs he would want to re screed. The retailer has agreed with the assessment so we are hopeful that we will get back on track with a proper install. It's going to take time but we are happy to wait for a quality product.
    Thanks for all the advice.

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