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Discussion in 'Tool Chat' started by Plastic paddy steve, Dec 13, 2022.

  1. What mixing drill is people using nowadays that lasts?

    The last one I bought was a Rubi mixer 7 years ago. It has served me well and mixed hundreds of pallets of screed in it's time. Often mixing a pallet (2 bags at a time) or more of screed in a day and never overheated.

    It finally packed in today :( was going to buy another one but reading reviews tonight, apparently, over the last few years the drills aren't made as good as they were and lots of issues with them.

    Budget of approx £250 and it has to be have the capacity to mix 2 bags at a time
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  3. merit

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    Got a orange one from cfs and one from Mario. Same make. Decent tbf
  4. Neilydun

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    Refina are excellent.
    Eibenstock are too.
    Same as Daz, I have one which is probably 15 years old, and still spot on.
    Worth the extra

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