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    The phone stopped ringing in early March as soon as the news hit about the rapid spread of Covid 19 in the UK, and I became quite concerned as to whether our flooring restoration business could continue after we had completed all the jobs in hand. Even more worryingly just after that, our usual line-marking guy informed us that his brother would be doing the job he was booked to carry out, because he had been tested positive and had just spent a couple of weeks in intensive care at one of our local hospitals. He had been instructed to stay in his home for twelve weeks and not go anywhere near other people - scary!

    Soon after we had completed that job, all the customers booked-in for the next few weeks called to postpone their reservations “until it was safe for you to visit our premises” and then I must admit – I panicked! Firstly, I sent out a mail-shot to all local village halls and community centres saying “the best time to get your floor restored is when you are closed”. This wasn’t time wasted as I have received a few bookings for later in the year, but it didn’t generate business during the close-down. The next tactic was to send a similar email-shot to breweries and hotels suggesting their “bars could have a floor renovation whilst they are closed”. The only response I got was “we won’t be spending any money on refurbishments until we know how long this pandemic will last.”

    Not being any good at DIY around my own house, and having a dislike of gardening duties during 'lock-down', I then had this crazy idea and started work on a new venture as I thought there were plenty of successful businesses that had been created during an economic downturn. The coronavirus was in many ways acting as a catalyst to the start of a new business and being an optimist I thought it would be a good time to promote a new company because advertising space would be cheaper and there would be less competition –

    I wanted to build something important and focus on healthcare or medicine rather than just use all this time I had on my hands to update my existing website and clean-up all the machinery and tools. I had plenty of thinking time, and immediately thought of targeting closed businesses with something they would need to start-up again. With the uncertainty looming about the future of businesses (excepting those who are operating on the world-wide web), it must be a daunting prospect when resuming operations post covid. If only I could only think of something to help business owners re-open, and then the apple hit my head and I had this eureka moment. I quickly got to work on a website and ordered the equipment needed.
    The result can be seen HERE:

    Needn’t have bothered worrying and should have just sat back and enjoyed the holiday - the phone has started ringing again, and I’m busier than ever. Still, I now have a second string to my bow if things do turn out to be as bad as I imagined.
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    Very clever

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