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Discussion in 'General Flooring Chat' started by tomres, Apr 20, 2024.

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    Decided to lay our first laminate flooring (Pergo Drammen), and we have so many questions :)
    But let's start with one question.

    We are laying laminates in the dining room and lounge, and the laminates will flow between the rooms (without a trim/transition).

    The laminate planks are 19cm (7.5 inches) wide.
    We're starting in the lounge and laying the planks left to right.
    The length of the lounge room divided by the width of the plank = 33.67
    So its 33 full planks, and 67% of the width on the last plank.
    So this last plank's width is OK, based on my limited understanding of laminate flooring.

    As mentioned, we are flowing the laminates through to the dining room, which has different dimensions.
    This means that we might land up with planks that may only be 5cm (2 inches) wide.

    Now we get to our question: what is the minimum width of a laminate plank that's allowed?
    Is 5cm (2 inches) too thin?
    Is there a recommendation on the minimum allowed width of a plank?
    And what are some recommendations if you do land up with this dilemma that your last laminate is narrow?

    Looking forward to hearing from this great community :)
    Thank you,
  2. tomres

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    2010_05190018last_row_measure_first_BIG.jpg this is what I am referring to, this last plank that I lay - assume its the width of that red strip in the picture - is there a minimum recommended width? or does it not really matter?
  3. dazlight

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    Will be fine. You try to get big cuts when you can but you will have small cuts on some walls. We tend to centre the hallway and work off that.

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