Plywood planks for flooring

Discussion in 'Wood' started by Michelle123, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. Michelle123

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    Hi everyone,
    I know this may go against what a floor fitter would do as the Labour would outweigh the materials massively...

    what are peoples thoughts on a plywood plank floor....?

    I’ve seen a few online now and was considering doing this as a diy’er.
    I was thinking about a 5mm hardwood plywood cut into 8 inch by 4 foot planks by the merchant.

    I have osb upstairs and thought I could stick these down on top. Stain it the colour I want and hard-wax oil it or even polyurethane it.

    am I being silly or is this a viable cheap, non laminate solution?


  2. tarkett85

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    You would need 45 nails per m2 roughly making it more expensive than a cheap laminate, go with a laminate the cost of ply would far exceed the cost of flooring made for the job.

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