Quick Step vs Luvanto/Parador SPC with UFH

Discussion in 'Wood' started by Muhammad Rehan Saeed, May 15, 2023.

  1. I have 135m^2 of floor space to cover. The ground floor is using Wundatherm Heating boards, while the other floors are using Wunda spreader plates. The UFH is then covered with plywood floors. I've opted to go with a Nest thermostat without a temerature probe, hoping we can set the right temperature at the manifold (I still installed some temperature probes if this goes horribly wrong).

    I'm interested in Quick Step Impressive Laminate Natural Varnished Oak (IM3106) with Quick Step Silent Walk Wnderlay. However, I'm worried about the maximum 27℃ temperature this floor can accept. Will it be warm enough?

    A salesman at one store also suggested that Quick Step laminate is now old tech. He has suggested I look into Stone Plastic
    Composite (SPC) flooring such as Luvanto Endure Pro Natural Oak LVT which has a built in underlay and works up to 45℃ or Parador Classic (2070), which works up to 28℃. The price is higher than Quick Step. Is he right? Is SPC the future? It seemed more solid and a bit thinner.
  2. Paul webb

    Paul webb Well-Known Member

    Personally, i wouldn't put spc over ufh, laminate is more stable and tougher, quickstep make the best laminate
  3. The Luvanto SPC seems to be able to take a higher temperature, so I can run the UFH hotter if I chose to do that. The salesperson also claimed that SPC was tougher and more water resistant than SPC. Is he wrong?
  4. Rugmunching

    Rugmunching Well-Known Member

    Are you using the ufh as a primary heat?

    I don't know any of my previous customers who have their ufh higher than 25deg, it becomes unbearable for me with mine.
    I have amtico lvt so not supposed to go above 27deg but I've pushed mine to 29 so far to see what it was like and the feeling was far too clammy for me and that's in a 45m2 open plan
  5. Rugmunching

    Rugmunching Well-Known Member

    Outside temp was -2deg when I pushed mine
  6. Distinctive Adam

    Distinctive Adam Well-Known Member

    I would opt for quick step personally and ensure temps don’t go crazy high
  7. This is reassuring. 27C doesn't seem very warm when compared to a radiator.

    Are you using temperature probes to ensure you don't go over the limit or limiting temperature through the manifold?
  8. Does anyone have any experience using SPC? Are there any times when it has an advantage?

    Overall I'm leaning towards Quick Step, since I prefer the look of the bevelled edges and SPC doesn't seem to do bevels.
  9. Rugmunching

    Rugmunching Well-Known Member

    It's not meant to feel like a radiator. This is what alot of people who have ufh forget, it's to create a nice warmth surrounding, if it was as hot as a radiator then it would be unbearable and dangerous.
    Imagine your floor space turned on its side....thats a massive radiator :D

    I have probes in the floor and an ambient temp sensor but I only use the floor temp.
  10. merit

    merit Well-Known Member

    Spc is very tough and heat resistant but the locking systems are pretty weak and they don’t all take the heat as well as claimed. I can’t see it lasting over a ufh panel unless it’s levelled over the top and is completoy flat. One ridge and the joins will break. Laminate is a lot more stable/more forgiving. The quickstep locking system is the best I’ve used

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