Screed drying time for glue down flooring

Discussion in 'Subfloor Preparation' started by EDT, Jan 4, 2024.

  1. EDT

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    Hi all,

    Hoping you can help.
    We are in the middle of a small kitchen extension and have installed wet UFH over insulation and screed which was laid on 13th December. We have engineered wood flooring to be installed on top (glue down).

    Our builder is now saying (after knowing which flooring we had for 2 months) that because we’ve chosen a glue down floor it will delay the project as screed will need to fully dry before laying. He says with tile it could have been laid after only 3 days, and click (floated?) flooring after 2 weeks - but everything I am researching says the screed needs to be properly cured before any flooring can be laid, so realistically still a few weeks/months for our 60mm screed regardless of floor choice.

    I’d also read that the UFH should be commissioned before any flooring is laid but he hasn’t even connected it to the boiler yet.

    Can anyone help shed some light on this please? Would love a second opinion as it’s not levelling up with everything I’m reading!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Yiddo1982

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    1mm a day

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  3. EDT

    EDT New Member

    Thanks for the reply, yes that’s what they advised as well after speaking to the flooring manufacturers. But with the caveat that “any other type of flooring would have been laid by now” - is there any truth to that?
  4. Neilydun

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    UFH should be fully tested before any thing else happens.
    What type of screed has been installed and to what depth ?
  5. tarkett85

    tarkett85 Well-Known Member

    Depends on the screed but a good rule of thumb is 1mm a day up to 50mm and double for anything over that thickness, ufh needs commissioning before anything though

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  6. merit

    merit Well-Known Member

    Always get the ufh fully commissioned and ran for 2 weeks. I find this is what holds up flooring work on most sites as the plumbers have not done this

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