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  1. Sarah B

    Sarah B New Member

    We have just had stick down LVT installed in our kitchen and are not happy with the finish. Please could we get some advice on the following:
    - Glue residue left on flooring and on edges of tiles that was not removed by the installer
    - Hairline gaps between tiles that are noticeable
    Our screed and flooring is nice and level. The tiles are off white in colour so you can see a grey line where the tiles have not been butt up properly together.
    How are we able to fix these two problems please?
    Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. dazlight

    dazlight Super Moderator

    Can you post some pictures. With white LVT you can always see any small gaps.
    moduleo LVT do a great filler.
    The fitter should have cleaned the floor if he got glue on it.
  3. A Irshad

    A Irshad New Member

    Hi, apologies for jumping in Sarah, i'm in the same situation so hoping for advice too. The fitter came recommended by the flooring company whom I bought the LVT from. He is young, but seemed competent. I have seen stick down fit in other homes and finish has been excellent, even when fit after skirting. We've paid so much to have a good screed and finish throughout but I'm not happy with the stick down fitting finish, similar reasons as above.

    Edges (not all are to be skirted) are not neat, and don't look like it will be easy enough to silicone to cover. I'm so glad the floor was down before the kitchen, because they would never have managed a neat finish around the island.
    Some places corners are lifting slightly.

    I hope I'm not intruding on Sarah's request for advice, hopefully we can both benefit, I tried to add pictures - but the files seem too big so won't attach

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