Strong smell in sun carpet fitted months ago.

Discussion in 'Carpet / Textile' started by Laurab2040, Jun 13, 2024.

  1. Laurab2040

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    Hi. Hoping for some advice. We had new carpets fitted in 2 bedrooms after a loft conversion September 23. Since the warmer weather we have a strong smell which I can only describe as similar to weed! it’s particular strong whenever the sun is shining onto the carpet. If the curtains are shut and overcast it doesn’t smell hardly at all.

    I contacted the company who spoke to the supplier and neither have come across this before with all their experience.

    before I drive myself mad, has anyone ever come across this before?! Help
  2. crazydaze

    crazydaze Well-Known Member

    Strong pungent odours from carpet or underlay is not 'normal' but I have had a couple of jobs where odour has been present. Both jobs ended up being replaced but in both cases that carpet manufacturers were involved. One job was attributed to an issue with the underlay causing the problem and the other was attributed to an issue with the latex in the carpet backing. Mind though, that's two issues in 30 years.

    Might be worth the retailer arranging for the carpet company to inspect.
  3. Rugmunching

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    Don't know what all the fuss is, the sun isn't ever coming out again anytime soon :D

    You do sometimes get the old Cloud 9 that smells of that lovely weed but tends to dissappear o_O
    I was going to suggest it could be the latex in the carpet backing so like he says above, gey the carpet manufacturers in and inspected. might have to wait till next year though to see if the sun does come out :rolleyes:
  4. Laurab2040

    Laurab2040 New Member

    Thank you for your replies. At least I know it can happen! The manufacturer has said they can arrange an inspection but if there isn’t a manufacturing fault we will also be charged for the visit. If the sun doesn’t shine through it doesn’t smell very much so will be difficult to prove it seems
  5. merit

    merit Well-Known Member

    Do you know what underlay was used? Cloud 9 cirrus absolutely reeks of weed

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