Sunny room with UFH....most suitable flooring?

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  1. Samsie

    Samsie New Member

    First post and new to the world of flooring!

    recently moved into a new house, build in 1958. We need a new floor through entire ground floor, approx 70m2.

    subfloor is concrete, DPM and 2” screed with electric UFH in screed (yes, the UFH dates from ‘58!)

    existing flooring is quarry tile in the living/diner, some sort of Lino in the kitchen and carpet in hall/cloakroom. It’s all in pretty good nick, I don’t think it’s touched for 60 years! The house is well looked after by the previous owners who had the house build for them.

    The living/dining area is approx 50m2 and south facing, with a large window (4x2m) and patio doors so lots of sun coming in and temperature differences.

    We intend to rip out all existing flooring and have one floor type throughout. The UFH still works well, I have considered to replace it with new UFH but we are all electric so will be replaced with the same....albeit slightly more modern/efficient I imagine. Probably not worth the hassle/Additional costs and raising the floor. It’s cost a fortune to run the UFH however, wood burner does most of the heating.

    Floor needs to be hardwearing, easy to clean (pets&kids) and last for the next 20 years ideally! Happy to spend for a quality floor And will have it laid by a professional installer that will also supply the floor.

    I have looked at engineered wood, laminate, LVT and even polished concrete (was a bit too expensive!). Tiles probably fit the bill but it’s not my thing. Would LVT be the next best option?

    If the screed underneath the current flooring is still good what sort of prep would be required on top?
    I read so many horror stories about incorrectly prept/ fitted LVT it has put me off a bit and I’m worried about the sunlight / temperature causing issues with the floor.

    any advice much appreciated!
  2. merit

    merit Well-Known Member

    Have a look at a product called impervia
  3. Paul webb

    Paul webb Well-Known Member

    If you like the look of polished concrete, it might be worth having a look at concreate
  4. tarkett85

    tarkett85 Well-Known Member

    Fully vitrified porcelain? With lots of temp fluctuations I would avoid LVT and Wood altogether you will have issues

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  5. Samsie

    Samsie New Member

    Thanks all, much appreciated. I’ll have look at the above products you have mentioned, they are new to me.
    Anyone experience with resin flooring? Had a look at Senso, quite like the looks of it.

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