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Discussion in 'Apprenticeships' started by Kaine, Apr 3, 2021.

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    I thought I’d try my luck and see if anyones interested in taking on a trainee in the London area, I’ve previously worked for a carpet fitting company however it was only temporary. I’m a keen learner and ever since leaving the previous company I have always wanted to get back into an opportunity to become a carpet fitter/floor layer, I was previously a labourer/trainee and would carry out tasks such as cutting and fitting underlay and gripper rods, sanding down floors, assisting with screeding, latexing and dpm. I’m currently working for a kitchen fitting company however work is in short supply and I’m mainly being used for a lot of labour which is not an issue as long as I’m learning/being taught. (which in this case I am not). Thanks for taking the time to read and I can forward my cv if you are interested, if not no worries and thanks for your time.

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