Underlayment over old, dry concrete and under engineered vinyl planks

Discussion in 'Vinyl / Impervious floor coverings' started by oakmanii, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. oakmanii

    oakmanii New Member

    I did a 48 hr moisture test and the concrete is dry (40 years old, but partly below ground level.)
    I have 5.5 mm engineered vinyl planks.
    I also have some leftover 3 mm and 4 mm felt underlayment with a vapor barrier attached.

    I read I should use a vapor barrier over concrete, but the underlayment's attached vapor barrier is on the TOP side of the felt underlayment.
    So do I first lay down a plastic vapor barrier of 6 mil, then the felt underlayment with the vapor barrier on TOP and then the planks?

    Or can I turn the underlayment upside down and have the attached plastic vapor barrier on the bottom, with the felt on top, with the planks on top of that?
  2. dazlight

    dazlight Super Moderator

    It should be that way anyway. The one use timbermate excel is felt up barrier down anyway

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