What skills are needed to successfully run a flooring business

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by MrNice, Mar 20, 2023.

  1. MrNice

    MrNice Active Member

    So my son and I are trying to take the family carpet business from my dad, I've fitted and looked after the place for the last 29 years... he keeps saying we need to learn all the ropes then being really ambiguous with what he means (he's never made much sense at the best of times)

    So I'm wondering what else I need to learn? So far I can take the customers phonecalls, call at customers place to measure, sell them carpet in the shop, call the supplier (check stock of/provisionally hold stock) order it if the customer says OK, recieve stock, organise fitting date, fit it, invoice customer, pay supplier...

    What else would I need to get my head round? As in paying the 2 lads wages, paying all bills like rates, taxes, elecric, council tax etc... what else?

    My dad's 70 and a luddite... he still uses paper and filing cabinets, super inefficient....

    See now unless I'm grossly underestimating this managers job I feel that side of things would be pretty easy Ince set up on a computer system? Like all my taxes/bills etc could be worked out and paid automatically?

    I'm very willing to learn but unsure of what I need to learn if that makes sense?

    And advice greatly received.

  2. dazlight

    dazlight Super Moderator

    We use FreeAgent to do all invoices and quotes. Best thing I ever did.
  3. merit

    merit Well-Known Member

    Yeah go digital. We use xero. Quick books is also popular
  4. MrNice

    MrNice Active Member

    Thankyou gentlemen
  5. Benjabloodymino

    Benjabloodymino Active Member

    We use Masterpiece for frontend customer database. It's very good and can be adapted with different modules depending on what you need it for. I estimate with it and use the built in database for Amtico and Karndean. All customer details are stored in it so makes searching very easy even if you don't have all the details.
  6. Neilydun

    Neilydun Well-Known Member

    I really should try and keep up.
    Still printing drawings and scaling off.

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