What type of flooring is best for my needs?

Discussion in 'General Flooring Chat' started by Samantha Inglesant, Nov 22, 2021.

  1. Samantha Inglesant

    Samantha Inglesant New Member

    Hi, I have no idea what kind of flooring would be best for my situation, can anyone help?

    The room is a box room, which is used for two purposes. It's my working from home office but it's also the room where my two parrots spend a lot of time out of their cage. So the flooring needs to be able to deal with a rolling office chair (scratches, noise?) but also bird poop which needs to be cleaned up frequently. The room is upstairs in my house if that makes any difference.
  2. Rugmunching

    Rugmunching Well-Known Member

    Look up LVT flooring. That would be the better option.

    Assuming the upstairs is timber floor then it would need a 6mm plyboard base then fit the lvt direct to that. If the floor is pretty bumpy (crapper uneven floorboards) then before the lvt goes down you would need the plyboards fibre screeded to make flat.

    Depending on budget then you could look at the luvanto/polyflor ranges or if you can spend abot more then karndean/amtico ends.

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