Any Beam and Block companies in United States?

Discussion in 'General Flooring Chat' started by David Koenen, Jul 2, 2021.

  1. David Koenen

    David Koenen New Member

    I am a home builder in Texas, USA. I have a couple customers ask about Beam and Block. I've view a lot of material on line, mostly from the UK. I cannot find any place in the US that make the beam and block components. Do you know of any? If not, why not? Have UK companies tried to expand to the USA. Why have they been able to? What is preventing them from being successful here too?
  2. neonunchaku

    neonunchaku New Member

    Hi David,
    I too was looking for this in the US. I would like to use it on a project in the Bahamas.
    So the system is here in the UK, I may have to look into shipping some over, this would be some time in start of 2025.
    I was just thinking of shipping the beams, need to get the roofs and stairs cast in Florida along with the fabrication of a steel frame. I had originally wanted to use this system but could not find a supplier, so I opted for some precast flooring of around 15'x15' to meet my requirements along with the same for the roof components, your question has made me think that I should reconsider the original option.
    So, if my project moves forward, maybe you would be interested to see how much it may cost to ship a certain amount of these over to the USA. For smaller construction, the max length seems to be around 5.5m/6.8m with 125/215mm width and 150 mm depth on both types.
    I will be contacting a company today to see whats they can do.
    Kind regards

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