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    Hi all, have had a search through this forum but cant quite find answer to a question I have about problems we are having with a new lvt installation.
    Would really appreciate some expert advice!

    Basically we have just completed on a new build and had our own flooring put in by a completely separate flooring contractor. We went with lifestyle Colosseum all through the downstairs. The screed looked ok with some cracking where expected and had a levelling compound put down prior to the lvt.
    Unfortunately on the same day it was finished we noted ripples/ ridges in the lvt when the sunlight hits it right although it seems smooth enough when looking up close. The next day I had another look and have now found boards lifting up, particularly around the edges and some gaps between boards, not sure if these have opened up or were like that originally. Also the floor is definitely not perfectly smooth but at the moment this seems the least of our worries.
    Stupidly I didn't ask for a moisture test or dpm and left it up to the floorer so I doubt if either were done.
    Trying to work out if this is purely bad workmanship relating to the levelling compound and lvt or whether the screed below may have an influence. The screed had probably been down for a couple of months before lvt was put down albeit the heating has probably only been for a month. My question is, if the screed is at fault would you expect to see the lvt failing after only 1 day?
    Going to go back to the floorer to start with...
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    Was it grinded or sanded?
    Do you know what type compound the subfloor is?

    It could be that it's anhydrite which would have had to be grinded or could be that the floor is still damp.

    As for the ripples then that's poor screeding by the fitter. If the planks are coming up already then it all needs taking up and starting again but this time determine whether it needs a grind/dpm before moving forward
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    Not sure it would show after 1 day on screed. Bad levelling work will tho

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