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    I'm planning a DIY bathroom. Bathroom is about 2.5 x 2 m. Taking out the space taken up by bath the total area I have to floor is probably about 2.5 x 1.3 m.

    The current bath, like most stuff in the house, was a bodge job so water had been leaking around the rim for some time. Floor is 18mm chipboard on joists. Obviously the chipboard is barely holding itself together and will be replaced.

    Having done some research I like the idea and look of Quickstep Livyn. I assume the click version would be easier to install for a DIYer, but I'm open to glue-down if there's a persuasive argument for doing so.

    With the click, is it enough to fit new chipboard floorboards (glued and screwed) and then the livyn underlay and livyn or would more prep be required? Will joints in the chipboard show through - it seems quite a thick tile?

    I know for glue-down you need ply underneath - I could either lay chipboard and 6mm ply or just put 18mm tongue-and-groove ply in one go?

    Cost-wise, glue-down is slightly cheaper as I don't have to buy a big roll of underlay, but it's not much either way due to the small area.

    Finally, I was advised by Quickstep technical support that click should be cut around the toilet pan and sealed, but that glue-down can be laid under the pan?

    Thoughts much appreciated.
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    Glue down will be better and fine under the toilet mate

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